By Mona Alkhafl
Public Works Department

Three self-contained fuel pods have been received by the Naval Air Weapons Station Public Works Department. The 12,000-gallon tanks are unique above-ground storage replacing outdated underground storage. The Naval An Weapons Station is the first Navy installation to receive the state of the art fuel system. Invented by Billy Bryant of Bryant Fuel Systems, Bakersfield, each tank is equipped with an alarm that rings when the tank is full. special filters that filter out water, a system to regularly circulate the fuel to filter it, and a “dead man” automatic shut-down device. An additional environmental “plus” is the tub designed to hold 100 percent of the tank’s capacity in the event of a leak.

Each tank meets or exceeds all Environmental Protection Agency standards and also has vapor recovery systems that are certified by both California and New York, the only states with clean air standards. “All the others are afraid to try to meet the EPA standards so they try to go around them, but now that I Mow how just let them catch up with me,” stated Bryant. Two of the tanks in the new fuel farm will store a portion of the 5.4 thou-sand barrels of diesel the NAWS uses annually. The remaining tank will hold unleaded gasoline for distribution to remote sites including Randsburg Wash, 10B, Junction Ranch, etc.

Site preparation for the tanks was minimal, with link engineering design costs involved. While the concrete slabs cure, the electrical hookups can be completed making the facility ready for business in approximately four weeks.

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