6,000 Gallon Diesel Fueling System Delivered To HNRG, Delano, California

Delivered Sept. 20, 2019

On September 20, 2019, Bryant Fuel Systems, LLC delivered another high quality turn-key Diesel Fueling System to Hancock Natural Resources Group (HNRG) in Delano, California.  This build features a new corrosion preventative primer called SteelShield RTT-3 and is equipped with a steel tank skid that makes it much easier to move around or relocate.

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8,000 Gallon Split Tank Built On-Time…And Completed In Only 4 Weeks!

Shipped Out Sept. 2, 2019

This 2 compartment (split) 8,000 gallon UL2085 Tank was completed on time and within budget.  The project was managed by Bramco Construction and delivered to Wells, Nevada for the Nevada Department of Transportation.  The split system consisted of a 6,000 gallon Diesel Fuel tank and a 2,000 gallon Unleaded Fuel tank.  This tank featured newly designed lifting tabs to ensure moving the tank would not damage the paint.  The tank was also coated with a special primer called SteelShield RTT-3, which significantly extends the longevity of steel surfaces and protects against corrosion.

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Featured Project: Waste Oil System

Bryant Fuel Systems
Waste Oil System

12,000 Gallon UL 142
Double Wall Split Compartment Tank
Equipment housing with roll up door

  • Air Diaphragm pump
  • Suction hose and stinger
  • Optional air compressor
  • Optional electric pump and motor
  • Easily loaded, transported,
  • Off loaded & relocated

For Additional Information

George Adam
Bryant Fuel Systems



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BFS Delivers (2) Turn-Key Fueling Systems to SPACEPORT in New Mexico

Bryant Fuel Systems, LLC announces the delivery of (2) fully Integrated and turn-key fuel delivery systems to SPACEX in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico on July 29,2019. Details as follows:

  • 12,000 Gallon UL142 Single Wall Avgas Tank, 200 GPM, Aviation Bulk Fueling Skid, with Receive/Recirculate and Dispense functions.
  • 15,000 Gallon UL2085 Diesel and Unleaded Gas Tank/ 2 Compartments with Bulk Fueling Skid/complete with pump, motor, filter separator and float control valve.

Congratulations to the BFS Production Team for completing another high quality/ high profile build for one of our valued clients.

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A Change in Ownership

Bryant Fuel & Power Systems, Inc. (Bakersfield, California) Announces A Change in Ownership and Installation of a New Executive Management Team.

Bryant Fuel Systems, LLC (BFS) has entered into an agreement to buy Bryant Fuel and Power Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of custom above-ground fuel systems since 1989. The new company will retain many of its current employees as well as bring in a new management team led by David Wells to boost its manufacturing capabilities, standardize its processes, improve quality and develop a world-class customer service organization. Bryant fueling systems are currently in service with every branch of the US Armed Forces, at over 60 installations around the world and are in operation in 35 states, 2 territories and 21 countries. BFS is a preferred manufacturer for military, government and commercial clients worldwide.

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Aviation Fueling System For USAF

Bryant Fuel Completes 16 UL-142 ISO Aviation Fueling Systems for USAF.

  • ​​​1,000 gal. Jet A system
  • 3.5 kVa generator power
  • Interior coated, filter separator equipped
  • BattleJacket® protected
  • FuelMaster fuel management system
  • Electronic fuel analyzer protection
  • Powered hose reel

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AvGas System for Van Nuys Airport

Bryant Fuel Completes UL-2085 AvGas System for Van Nuys Airport.

  • ​​​12,000 gal. AvGas System
  • Double wall tank with Fireguard® protection
  • Interior Coated
  • System features bulk load and overwing nozzle dispensing system

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Split Tank Diesel Systems For Portwood Farms

Bryant Fuel Completes Red & Clear Split Tank Diesel Systems For Portwood Farms

  • ​​​10,000 gal. red diesel fueling system
  • 2,000 gal. clear diesel fueling system
  • Single dispenser with dual hose for dual product
  • Double wall tank with Fireguard® protection
  • System features front bulk diesel fueling dispensing as well

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Diesel Fueling System For New Gold Inc.

Bryant Fuel Completes UL-2085 Diesel Fueling System For New Gold Inc.

  • ​​​40,000 gal. Diesel fueling system
  • Double wall tank with Fireguard® protection
  • System features six 200 GPM dispensing stations

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