12,000 Gallon, UL 2085 Jet A Self Serve Fueling System

This BFS 12,000 Gallon, UL 2085 Jet A Self Serve fueling system was delivered to the General Aviation Airport at Beatty, Nevada on February 10, 2020. 

This double wall tank is NFPA, UL and Steel Tank Institute code compliant. It combines the specific components required for bulk transfers such as Deadman safety and grounding reel …with those needed for self-serve direct fueling.

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15,000 Gallon UL 2085 – Three Compartment Split Tank

Today, 2/19/2020, BFS delivered another quality turn-key fueling system on budget and on time. This 15,000 Gallon UL 2085, three compartment split tank was designed and manufactured for the Longstreet Casino in Armargosa Valley, Nevada. The unique three compartment system provides the benefit of easy access and storage of separate products within a larger single tank system. It has 9,000 Gallons for Regular Unleaded, 3,000 Gallons for Premium Unleaded and 3,000 Gallons for Clear Diesel.

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Marina 4,000 Gallon Double Wall Fuel Tank

4,000 gallon double wall tank and fuel cabinet with 100’ hose reel for fueling U.S. Navy patrol boats.

Features and Benefits

  • Tanks and fuel cabinets for all harbor and marina applications.
  • Wide size range available.
  • Stainless steel piping, connections and cabinet options.
  • Fuel cabinet is lockable.
  • Start, stop, & all components easily accessible.
  • Hoses and reels available in a wide range of sizes and lengths
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Aviation 40,000 Gallon GSA Model # 117 Bulk Fueling Systems

Delivered to Ft. Huachuca, Arizona

Features and Benefits

  • Easily loaded and off-loaded
  • Multiple lifting points
  • Fully functional
  • 110% Secondary containment
  • 14’ Wide x 65’ Long
  • Minimal site preparation
  • Automatic valves
  • Operator friendly
  • Fuel is filtered in & out
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Aviation 12,000 Gallon UL 2085 Bulk Loading System

Features and Benefits:

  • Jet A & AvGas Bulk-loading Systems
  • Wide variety of capacities available
  • Interior coating on Jet A standard
  • Floating suction available
  • Positive displacement meter is standard
  • Mechanical or electronic registration
  • Temperature compensation available
  • Cast iron, cast aluminum or stainless steel
  • – 40 degrees F to 160 degrees F standard
  • Designed to provide clean fuel
  • Easy access to filter separators and sumps
  • Sliding vane pumps standard
  • Pumps and motors sized for your requirement
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