6,000 Gallon Diesel Fueling System Delivered To HNRG, Delano, California

Delivered Sept. 20, 2019

On September 20, 2019, Bryant Fuel Systems, LLC delivered another high quality turn-key Diesel Fueling System to Hancock Natural Resources Group (HNRG) in Delano, California.  This build features a new corrosion preventative primer called SteelShield RTT-3 and is equipped with a steel tank skid that makes it much easier to move around or relocate.

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8,000 Gallon Split Tank Built On-Time…And Completed In Only 4 Weeks!

Shipped Out Sept. 2, 2019

This 2 compartment (split) 8,000 gallon UL2085 Tank was completed on time and within budget.  The project was managed by Bramco Construction and delivered to Wells, Nevada for the Nevada Department of Transportation.  The split system consisted of a 6,000 gallon Diesel Fuel tank and a 2,000 gallon Unleaded Fuel tank.  This tank featured newly designed lifting tabs to ensure moving the tank would not damage the paint.  The tank was also coated with a special primer called SteelShield RTT-3, which significantly extends the longevity of steel surfaces and protects against corrosion.

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